300 Double Hung

EcoTherm’s 300 series new construction double hung windows feature an integrated brickmold trim package, which creates a traditional exterior finish. The brickmold trim also serves as a J-channel pocket making for a clean finish look and easy installation.

The 300 Series vinyl windows are also available in rolling, picture window and specialty shapes.

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300 Double Hung

NFRC Thermal Performance Data
HP Low E0.333.030.290.54
Supra Low E Argon0.303.330.280.54
ST Stimulus0.283.570.280.54

Standard Features

  • Welded Sash and Frame
  • Block and Tackle Balance System
  • Aluminum Reinforced Meeting Rail
  • Sloped Sill with Interlocking Leg
  • Both Sash Tilt In/Full Screen
  • Frame Depth 3 5/8"
  • Fully Weather Stripped Interlock
  • Fiberglass Half Screen

Performance Options

  • ST Stimulus Energy Star Approved Glazing Package
  • Flat, Profile or SDL Grid Package

Builder Options

  • Integral Nail Fin
  • Integral Nail Fin and J-Channel
  • 4 9/16" Pre-Primed Extension Jamb
  • 6 9/16" Pre-Primed Extension Jamb

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