3200 Patio Door

The EcoTherm 3200 is one of the industry’s smoothest, best performing patio doors, at any price. It’s reinforced at key points with heavy-duty aluminum, for maximum rigidity, and with the ST Glazing package meets or exceeds the latest Energy Star guidelines.

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3200 Patio Door

NFRC Thermal Performance Data
HP Low E0.352.860.290.55
Supra Low E Argon0.313.230.290.55
ST Stimulus0.293.450.290.55

Standard Features

  • Sill Design Engineered for Excellent Drainage
  • Integral Nail Fin and Screen Track
  • Aluminum Screen Frame with Fiberglass
  • Mesh Screening
  • One Rolling and One Stationary Panel
  • Interlocking Meeting Rail
  • Adjustable Nylon Rollers
  • Dual Point Locking Hardware

Performance Options

  • ST Stimulus Glazing Package
  • 5, 6, 8 Foot 2-Lite Styles
  • 9, 12 Foot 3-Lite Styles
  • Multi Point Locking Hardware
  • Brass Finish Hardware
  • Field Applied Extension Jamb
  • 4 9/16" or 6 9/16" Pre-Primed or Clear Extension Jamb
  • Flat or Profile Grid Package
  • White, Beige and Bronze/White Colors
  • 14 Custom Colors

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