7000 Casement

The EcoTherm 7000 replacement window is engineered for easy operation and maximum ventilation, and styled to fit almost any décor. Multi-point locking provides added security, and all are available in single and multi-unit combinations.

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7000 Casement

NFRC Thermal Performance Data
HP Low E0.313.230.250.46
Supra Low E Argon0.283.570.240.46
ST Stimulus0.273.700.240.46
DOE R5 Triple Glass Package0.

DOE-R5 Glazing Package

EcoTherm’s DOE-R5 Glazing Package is ideally suited to deep energy retrofits. With a best-of-class R5 factor, it outperforms all Energy Star and Federal Tax credit requirements by more than 30 percent, for comfortable living on a more comfortable budget.

The colors of ecotherm

Our broad palette of traditional and contemporary colors opens a wide world of possibilities. All 14 colors are hand-applied and UV cured, for outstanding resistance to fading. Interior woodgrain laminates and brushed hardware are also available, to match nearly any design style.

Standard Features

  • Fusion Welded Frame and Sash
  • Multi-Point Locking System
  • 3¼ Frame Depth
  • Double Weather-Stripping around Perimeter
  • Sash Crank Out 90 Degrees
  • Fiberglass Full Screen
  • Sturdy Truth E-Guard Hardware Package
  • DP 50 Rated
  • Also available in Awning and Picture Window Styles
  • Common Jamb

Performance Options

  • ST Stimulus Energy Star Approved Glazing Package
  • Egress Hardware
  • White, Beige and Bronze/White Colors
  • Cherry, Light and Dark Oak Simulated
  • Woodgrain Interior
  • 14 Custom Colors
  • Flat, Profile or SDL Grid Package
  • Multi Unit Mullion Package
  • Foam Frame Wrap

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